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A royal kiln, a restaurant remembered with unchanging taste and sincerity

Written by Seolleongtang at the top of Vancouver . Photo: Reporter Deok-il Lee/ Korean News There has been a long complaint about Korean food. I don’t know why in the international community, bulgogi is recognized as all about Korean food. Canada still believes that only bulgogi is representative of Korean food. However, my Koreans, I think it’s truly Korean food, especially when it comes to time, especially when the body feels a bit stiff, Seolleongtang.  This is the story of a royal kiln in the Hana Mart Mart Mall. Seolleongtang, Boiled Rice, Bossam, Potato Soup, Suyuk, Yukgaejang… … It’s full of menus with a spicy name. The popularity of the 12-year-old royal kiln can be seen from the customers who come and go. It is said that the sales have risen steadily and are very satisfied. Today, rather than talking about the menu, we are planning to make a franchise by spreading the top royal kiln to all parts of Vancouver. “Which restaurant do you want to memorize?” to my question, “I want to remember it as a restaurant that does not change the unique taste that Koreans remember.” This is what Kim Yeon-hwa, president of’Wang Gama’, said. In one word, you may see the person again. 

Last year’s Liberal Party’s Justin Trudeau was questioned by Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s anchor on the first day of becoming the prime minister of Canada. “Justin You are the one who was originally close to the crowd. Being a prime minister, you are not the original figure, surrounded by the best security personnel. What do you feel when you see it?” Justin Trudeau replied. “I really learned how important responsibilities my job requires.”In a word, I couldn’t doubt for a moment that he would do his best as a national enemy.

When I saw her answering my question, “What restaurant do you want Wangama to be remembered for?”, I felt like an interview with Justin Trudo. “I want to be remembered as a restaurant that does not change the unique taste that Koreans remember.” As she said, she was no doubt that she would be able to enjoy food in peace at this restaurant.

President Kim was working as a waitress before acquiring Wang Gama. From then on, I had a good idea of ​​how to treat customers in a restaurant, and I was interested in small places, for example, by turning the handle inward so that the customer could comfortably hold a water bottle, the location of the cutlery, the type of bowl used He said he felt great reward when customers noticed and thanked him. Needless to say, the taste of food was the most powerful. The first thing I felt after taking over was that the taste was not uniform. The same was true of not only Seolleongtang, but also kimchi and kkakdu, which are indispensable in our food. Thanks to efforts made to keep the taste constant through long attempts, the food of the royal kiln can now be tasted unchanged. In particular, Kimchi and Kkakdugi are related to needles and threads in Seolleongtang, but they do not know how much effort they have made to achieve this taste. He said he was delighted to jump on the day he learned the secret that brought out the taste. “Now, I am confident that I can compete with any Korean taste house.” Please check it out.

Going back to the franchise business, I have to talk about the pitfalls of the franchise business. Because the franchise is an advantageous business for the trademarked head office, there are many problems. Businesses with a well-known name have to pay for the name, and even where there are relatively few names, the demanding contract provisions are often filled with favorable terms for the head office, so it is often impossible to save a penny when it is later destroyed. So the franchise is the industry’s advice that people who do business for the first time should not try without expert advice.

“We had no experience in the food business. So I’ll tell you all of our experiences.” President Kim said. The royal kiln franchise is different from the traditional method. “We want to provide opportunities for growth with each other.” “The franchise cost is reduced by reducing the burden, and the 12-year-old business recipe-the operating recipe that was able to maintain the business and the cooking recipe that can maintain the taste. -I will hand it over,” says Kim.

Would it be possible for a person in the food business to not know the percentage of seasoning that goes into the food? However, in most food businesses, the franchise’s headquarters makes food—to keep it secret—to deliver it. Eventually, the franchise business will quit the business due to contract expiration or unilateral notification without knowing the secret of the taste of the food they made. Franchise keeps its trademark in this way. In this sense, Wangkama’s franchise method is clearly distinguished from the existing method. The franchise candidate areas promoted by the Royal Kiln are Richmond, Downtown Vancouver, near the Coquitlan Center, and Kingsway/Metro Town 4 areas.

In immigration societies, the chances of hearing good stories are rare. However, I was convinced that once the royal family attracted the franchise, I would be sure to hear about the successful business of immigration. It was very different from the story of the franchise headquarters, which is often heard in my question of who would like to apply for a franchise—experienced and financially sound. She said.

“Well, I want these people to show interest. First of all, who is interested in food and can work happily with customers’ minds?” “You don’t have to have any experience. I did the same.”


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