Vancouver Korean Kendo Club


Head, head, head!
Even before entering the dojo, I was able to know where I was practicing immediately after hearing the Korean language. I decided to meet Master Jun-ho Lee (photographer), Hyun-kyu Ryu and Hong-ki Park, who teach Korean Kendo, which is rooted in Canada’s only Korean Kendo Association. Vancouver Korean Kendo Club is a long-standing organization that started in 1996. Under the guidance of three teachers, Kumdo is practiced twice a week in the Coquitlam area. I tried not to interfere with practice as much as possible, but I wasn’t polite enough to take a picture, so I didn’t pop the flash and almost (?) interfered.

When I was in high school in Korea, I was a little nervous because the atmosphere of Kendo was very similar. Did the strange heat excite me? Internationally, Japan’s breathtaking judo, kendo, and South Korea try hard to remove Japanese colors. The same is true here. In the case of Japanese-style paintings, have them bow to the east before starting. Koreans know what this means. I don’t know, and even if I do what the Japanese dojo tells me, this will usually be a big problem for Koreans if I find out later. This is why the Korean painting is absolutely necessary in the case of kendo.

Nevertheless, there is nothing martial arts to correct personality. In particular, Kumdo says, “Kumdo is good for developing concentration, endurance, boldness, and agility.” This is a must-have for students who are dreaming of a career, especially for police schools or airline stewards.

On one side of the dojo, a teacher teaches basic exercises to a newcomer who is late. As with any exercise, you need to have a strong foundation in order to master advanced skills later. “Kumdo only needs 4 months” means the process of mastering the basics. The instructor said that he hopes that the native of the Korean dojo will appear as the Canadian representative of the world competition in the future.

At this time of the year, I promise to find kendo for everyone who would say it’s a workout-most likely to fail. How envious was the movie? Looking for romance, looking for health.


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